VFW - Put me further in financial dire straits

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I applied for financial assistance and I was told that my husband qualified to apply for the program because he was discharged before a certain time period that they have to qualify. I was told a decision is usually given in 20 days.

They only contact you by email, I asked for someone to call me and they wouldn't call me. They denied my claim for a reason that wasn't true 2 times, they said we will give it back to the committee and the 3rd time i got a email of denial. By this time my mortgage and my bills were due and the new months bills were now due. The put me in a worse situation then i was in.

I am very displeased with this program and I think the very thing they are supposed to do is help veterans, they did the opposite to our family. Thank God he came through...because the VFW didn't...

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VFW or Civilian Bar.


I am totally let down by my local post and several others that I have been too...Although the contributions do go toward helping veterans i see fewer and fewer veterans in the bar...I am not a member and my major complaint is I have done three tours of combat and this service is not rewarded in the bar.. I am told you need to be a member..

As me and the quarter master looked around there was only 3 veterans of about 40 civilians in the bar. I said this is wrong and you might get more veterans in here if they felt welcome. He said how do i know if they are truly a veteran of a foreign war. they could just be veterans.

I said you have to be kidding me I showed him my Id card that shows INDEF experation date and the wounds i sutained in combat.It did not matter. I then said this place is exploiting true veterans, and and not rewarding there service.

This is wrong. location lancaster, tx

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I was in Iraq for a total of 8 years. When I can back and retired, I went to the local VFW in Kingsville Texas; not as a member, but just to hang out with other vets.

Of the 20 people there, 3-4 were older men (WWII - Korea War era), and the rest were family members of vets who already passed away; and several {{Redacted}}/bar flies. I hung around for 30 minutes with my wife; and after she was propositioned 3 times by slobbering civilian drunks; we left. I have the utmost respect for the generations of veterans who came before me. I used to donate money to the VFW through the CFC Campaign while I was on active duty.

Now I have to seriously question where all of that money actually goes. The Kingsville Texas VFW doesn't look like a VFW is supposed to. I looked like a sleazy armpit bar. What happened to the VFW?

Where are all of the programs for veterans and their families? Has it just become a place to go get drunk? The older veterans at the VFW acted like they didn't care about today's veterans. I served for 22 years on active duty.

I was in the Gulf War, and Iraq several times. I'm now 100% service connected disabled. But the old drunks at the Kingsville Texas VFW served 1 to 3 years in Korea or Vietnam after being drafted. None that I spoke to, actually retired from the military.

So I have to ask once again; what happened to the VFW? Has it lost it's way? They send out those mailers with address labels, trying to recruit new members. How is that working for them?

It's not working for them. Also a friend of mine (also a wounded vet and non-member) got behind on his utility bill due to expensive medical treatments; so he asked the VFW Unmet Needs Program for help. They made him wait almost 3 months, only to tell him he was ineligible. What kind of crap is that?

So where is all the money going that the VFW rakes in from dues? Maybe they spent it on the high-dollar lobbyist in Congress; or the silly address labels they mail out. That can't be cheap.

Neither is keeping the Kingsville Texas VFW bar stocked. I will not be joining the VFW; nor will a lot of my fellow veterans.


Local vfw post Vernon NJ.

The manager or bartender has NO personality and favors her friends. Many patrons and members no longer attend there and it's been raised at meetings but no one is changing it.

She's grumpy, nasty.. to costumers.

It's become more of a party club. How sad!

to Joe #1430806

Agreed. The post is not what it was years ago.

It's a disgrace to all.

Especially those who served.

Route 94 Vernon NJ post needs much much changing. Agreed starting with the one behind the bar but only members should be allowed in and not one vet ever told they can't be signed in.

Sacramento, California, United States #1349894

you are totally right about everything you say i am so sorry that you were treated that way,

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About a month or two ago I ordered some comfort pants from my VFW magazine.

I received one pair that I really like. They said I other would be coming on backorder.

Please let me know the status of my order.

Ken Traeger

2232 Southwood drive

White Bear Lake, Mn. 55110




Making me write one 100 words just to check on my order could make me pissed. Just

make and finish my order of the comfort pants. The size was M and inseam was the shortest.

So you now you have by 100 words. Does that please you more then 54........

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